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  1. Who here uses the Samsung 245bw (24" LCD) for trading? I hear good things about them but was wondering how they work for trading? I see costco has them for $399. Any chance of getting them cheaper anywhere? Does it take a massive graphics card to drive it?

  2. These are TN panels; they are fine as far as a TN panel goes, for trading or anything else. $399.99 is a good price; at least it was when I bought mine. The graphics card must be able to support 1920 x 1200, shouldn't be a problem for most any contemporary card.
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    what's a "tn panel"?
  4. Google not working for you?
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    I have this monitor and works great for trading. Text is sharp and Samsungs rarely have dead pixels. I paid $399 Canadian several months ago, so you should get it even cheaper now.

    However, being a TN panel, colors appear slightly different from from top to bottom due to view angles. And you don't get the full color gamut. If this is a concern for you then something like the Dell 2408WFP is a better choice.

    Practically any video card in the last 2 years can drive 24" 1920x1200 monitors.
  7. lol... gnome, isn't it amazing that it didn't occur to him to enter 'tn panel' into Google and press enter?
    Just make sure you understand that a TN panel has the viewing angle issues mentioned above. Also, there are backlight bleed issues on some panels. Make sure to buy it from a store that will accept exchanges in case you can't deal with the viewing angle issue; I know I couldn't. Having said that, most people are probably looking at TN panels anyhow and aren't bothered by the issues inherent in them.
  8. I've got TN panels and run 4 of em. I just angle them to point right at me. I use an Ergotron monitor array so its no problem.
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    Yup I've got a Samsung 245BW here too (and a 204B). Great monitor!

    - mnx
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