Samsung 2343BWX for $199

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by datamerc, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. I did see that one, but the large bezel makes it hard to have them setup in a 4x4 or other tight arrangement.
  2. I have a 226 BW and a 2253 BW, both are excellent.

    The only thing is the base height changed from one model to the other when i upgraded to 2 monitors. Now there is a 1" book underneath one monitor...
  3. I have some. The local Fry's Electronics have them on sale quietly for $199.99 each but enforce the "one per customer" policy. I picked up 5 of them. :D Along with some 2243 for my upgrade project.

    I love them. Putting Samsung side-by-side with a Viewsonic (which I like too), you can see the difference. Samsung is much brighter, has a higher contrast ratio.