Samsung 213T

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TMTrader, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. I'm considering getting the Samsung 213T screen. Any opinions or anything I should know about them?

    TM Trader
  2. No one own this screen? :confused:
  3. hmmm...
  4. Ebo


    Switch to decaf Bro.
  5. I have 19T, awesome. Go to you local Best Buy to find out :).
    They have 213T on display.

    I order the 19T for $600+, the 213T cost $1200-$1300. Maybe you get more screen space with 2 19T instead of just one 213T.

  6. I'm looking for someone who actually used these monitors for a while and can report any possible problems. Before I spend the money to replace all my monitors, it's pretty important to know what I'm getting into...

    TM Trader
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    I think you should consider Crazy's suggestion.... 2 19"ers... you get 59% more screen area than one 21.3" for about the same cost.
  8. No. I'm getting several of the 21" ones.

  9. i'm waiting for the 24's (EIGHT 30's would be incredible) :)
  10. I was considering the 24"s for a while but decided to go with the 21's for now...
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