Samsung 191T

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by waggie945, Aug 14, 2003.

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    These are great prices particularly for the 17". I'm planning to replace two 19" CRTs with flat panels. Would you go with two 191Ts or three 171Ts (more real estate for less money).

    Any suggestions?

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    Did you see where newcom's return policy for dead pixels is 8 or more dead pixels. Seems excessive. Planar brand LCD's have a 3 or more dead pixel return policy. They are also highly rated by CNET. FWIW
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    I don't know important it is but the contrast ratio on the 17" is 350:1, whereas the 19" is 500:1
  4. I would go with 2 191Ts. Then, just add a 3rd 191T later on.

  5. It's not very important for trading purposes, but if you intend to do other things (particularly things that involve graphics) you will want to get the 500:1.
  6. Thats the spirit :)

    I will go soon for the 21"s, I'm delaying to see if the prices of the 23"s will drop soon enough.

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  7. 23" wide-sceen LCD? Nice :D

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