Samsung 191T LCD display Questions

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    I seems that the Samsung 191T is a favourite here. The PC World reviews (mentioned in this forum) were good, but then I read a few reviews on this site:
    where there were concerns about ghosting, trailing, smearing, and response time (graphics and gaming issues).

    I don't play hi-tech computer games, yet real time charts with indicators, and even live quotes can be considered graphics that change quite quickly. So my question is: has anyone noticed any blurring, ghosting or trailing with LCD's (the 191T in particular) while trading? Or is charting and trading software really quite slow, relative to todays computer games such that these response time issues are really non existent for trading applications?

    One review said " Video cables included: (digital and analog permanently connected)"... that seems hard to believe. I have the Matrox G200 MMS quad card, with one DVI cable. I was intending to run two 191T's together with two 19" CRT's. If the 191T DVI cable is permanent, adding that length to the 6' matrox DVI cable will certainly allow me flexibility to place the monitors well away from the computer.

    One review mentioned problems with using the 191T in portrait mode, but I think he still had ME installed (hard to believe). Anyone had problems in portrait mode using XP?

    I was hoping Tom's Hardware had a review of 19" LCD's, but no luck. Your experiences with the above issues would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. give me a break. you will not see any ghosting artifacts displaying quotes or writing to charts. get real :-/
  3. TGregg


    "(digital and analog permanently connected)"...

    Well that reviewer is a moron (and he's probably on my ET ignore list :D ). The dig cable comes attached, but you can take it off (does include an analog cable as well - and it is installable and removable of course).

    I have 6 of them, one from Best Buy and 5 from OL.

    "where there were concerns about ghosting, trailing, smearing, and response time (graphics and gaming issues)."

    I play games on mine, Castle Wolfenstein, Serious Sam, Warcraft III - they all look nice. If things move really fast, it's not as clean as a CRT, but for trading purposes - I love em.

    I dunno about portrait mode - never used it.
  4. Banjo


    If memory serves there was some conversation about some of them being mfgd. in Mexico vs. some mfgd. in Korea, Korea being best, no dead pixels.
  5. nitro


    For trading and displaying anything imaginable having to do with trading, this is probably the finest monitor out there at any price.

    However, the response time for gaming is bad on just about any LCD monitor I have ever seen, and the Samsung is no exception [though it is better than most.] As far as any of your other concerns, I have never experienced them.

  6. Swipe


    i looked at this monitor @ comp usa and the display/font seemed blurry. I assumed if they were trying to sell them and this one was deffective they would have replaced it.

    Any instances with this?
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    Just thought u guys might want to know that the Hyundai Q17 (17" monitor, very nice!) is going for $299.99 after rebate (of $100) at . I would order another 2 for myself but as usual the rebate is limited to 1. I have never bought from outpost but I hope there are no problems.
  8. gnome


    Whenever you see the LCDs at a computer store, the entire "bank" it's on is set at one resolution. If that is not the native resolution for a particular monitor, it's will likely be less sharp. (15"ers native is usually 1024x768, 17" usually 1280x1024. If there are diffent sizes on the same bank, some will not be at native.) Also, having many monitors on that bank degrades the signal to each LCD.

    Check with sales person and ask to have the res set for the native of the one which has your interest. Better still, ask they hook up one monitor to one computer for you and view it at native. (Usually they balk because they don't want to bother.)
  9. My guess is they were running an analog line to the monitor. I have a 181T and the analog image is not great. However, run a DVI cable to it and the display is wonderful.

    Edit: And, as gnome just mentioned, the resolution may not have been set to its native one. Then combine the two issues, and you are pretty much ensured of a fuzzy image.
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