Samsung 19" 943N LCD

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  1. Anyone got one of these? If you don't, keep it that way.

    Mine just shat itself, only made in march '08, only in use less than a year and a half, now it dont wanna play anymore. Great monitor....while it lasted. Out of warranty, of course.

    Probably capacitors, very common problem-is it really possible to fix these things yourself for a few bucks and a bit of solder?
    The whole electrical hazard thing is a bit of a concern, any tips there?
  2. Corrections, and (possible) apologies for the Samsung company and range of IT products;

    Yes, the monitor didn't last long, BUT it turns out there is a three year warranty, EVEN WITHOUT THE RECEIPT, in this case, possession and date of manufacture was enough.

    Not only that, they deliver a refurbished unit to your door and take away the old one, which is quite good-that's in Australia at least.

    Hmm, I need something to complain about now-I forgot to ask if the refurbished one has a three year warranty, for a start, bet it doesnt.....

    and the operators were extremely difficult to understand, for sure.

    Well, let's see exactly what "refurbished" means, will report back, supposed to be arriving next tuesday.
  3. They'll look at your warranty as "3-years from purchase"... or likely as in your case without proof of purchase date, "3-years from manufacture date".. regardless of how many times they have to replace the unit.
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    I think Samsungs have weak power supplies. I had two 191t's fail one after the other following power cuts/running off UPS. Samsung in fairness tried to be helpful with my out of warranty products but as it is an obselete model they had no part.

    Eventually got them both fixed same day at a local repair outfit for $40 each (they bcost $1000 each when I bought them in early 2004)

  5. Very likely, it is very odd the computer shop had no record of it on the database,
    but no surprise whatsoever the drunk geriatric whom ordered the machines can't find the receipts, either.

    One way or another, this does overwhelmingly suggest that they never really expected the products to last to long-perhaps that's a fair cop to most of the IT peripheral industry though, and broadly applies to anything these days.
  6. That be you?:D

  7. Hey, 35 'aint geriatric!!

    Just seems that way sometimes:D