Sam's Day Trading Log (With Charts)

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  1. Before I start posting my logs, I thought it might be a good idea to give the reader of this journal a brief background of myself.

    I have been paper day trading stocks for the last 6 months with mixed results. However, the mixed results have been improving and I feel that I am a better trader than when I first started.

    Starting 1/1/11, I would actually like to trade with real money, so I thought it may be a good idea to post my trades here. I know there are a whole load of seasoned/successful traders here, so feel free to let me now where I'm going wrong (occasional complements are accepted too :p )

    At present, I have a job, which give me the opportunity to trade full day sessions and morning sessions on alternate weeks. Hence, my full day sessions may have more trades.

    Pls, try and keep the criticism constructive, as I am hoping this will be a successful journal which will prove to be helpful for all.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Trade 1: SLV SHORT:

    The first trade was taken when the trend reversed and failed to break past the days open. I took this as weakness at the open and was taken out within the next 1-2 minutes.

    Trade 2: SLV LONG:

    This was a trade that I was not happy with as I had initially wanted to get in at the bounce of the 20MA @ $28.68 (just before 10am). I was trying to analyze my previous trade, and so missed the entry. With the stock forming a nice little uptrend, I decided to get in at $28.87. I didn't like my entry as I felt I had chased this stock and bought it at the top. However, I felt comfortable, in that at worst, I would be out at B/E. It took a nice pop ($28.90-28.98) with huge volume a couple of minutes later which I thought would cause an increase in demand moving the price a little higher. I had re-adjusted my stop to $28.89 (with a $0.02 profit :eek: ). I feel the when the candlestick failed after the pop, I should have tightened my stops and come out with a $0.07-8 profit)
  3. Can someone pls tell me how I can post the chart with the comments as opposed to an attachment. Thanks.
  4. Hooti


    Hi Sam, I'm relatively new here too. There are a few of us just begining daytrading ...good to see you.

    After you have posted your message with the attachment

    Go back and edit it. They give you up to 30 min to do so.

    In the edit mode, tap on the attachment and display it. At the top it will have a string of ID. Copy that.

    Go back into the text section of your origional message and type

    then paste the ID of the attachement

    then type

    and submit it. If you have the right ID string, it will work! I have to say I have not fiugred out how to attach multiple charts... I assume your origional attachment has to have them all in one bach, which I don't think I can do on 'paint'.

    Good luck! Can you tell us more of your background? What brought you to futures? Do you have a mentor? Or favorite booK? Do you have an opinion on Al Brook's book like many here?
    Of course you don't have to answer if that's to many questions!
  5. Thanks for the tip Hooti. I actually am not doing futures, but trade in stocks on the open market. I have read various books, but the ones that have really helped me out are as follows:



    In regards to Al Brookes book, I have it on order, so should have it in a couple of days.

    I do not have a mentor, but I think that some ppl on this forum tend to be very helpful. Actually, a respected trader on this forum recommended the Al Brooke book to me.

    Hope to see you here frequently.
  6. Pic. 1:

    Trade 1:
    Entry: $26.06

    Trade 2:

    Trade 3:
    Entry: $26.36
    Exit: $26.35
  7. Pic. 2:

    Trade 4:
    Entry: $28.55
    Exit: $28.55
  8. Pic. 3

    Trade 5:
    Entry: $12.49
    Exit: $12.49
  9. Total (+/-): $-149.90
    All Time (+/-): $-149.90

    Loss: $70.00; Commissions: $79.90!!!

    Most of the trades today were badly taken, despite some sort of logic to it. Trade 5 was pure, plain BAD, with 0 logic!!!. Bring out your whips!!!.
    Lessons learned.
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