Sample VB trading systems for IB API???

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by TraDaToR, Jul 8, 2007.

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    I'm a TS customer interested in moving to IB for market access, fees, single account.... I know a little bit of VB so I would like to program my current trading systems before moving so I can directly debug and trade.I'm looking forward to using IB datas.

    I don't want to use excel because of some of my friends experience with it. I'm OK to take more time creating a VB system.

    Is there some sample VB - activeX trading systems for IB API available on the web? Do you know some good resources, books to start with??

    Thanks a lot.
  2. has a few visual basic tutorials. Currently only has tutorials going up to retrieving historical and live quote data, but a tutorial for backtesting and placing trades is comming soon.
  3. Exactly what was their problem with Excel ?
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    i'm not sure about "systems", but there is plenty examples on TWS API yahoo board.
    IB API is very user friendly, but you have to understand-coding will depends on complexity of your system.
    some sort of MA crossover with couple trades per day should be no problem for guy with basic VB knowledge.
    there is some more info on IB forum
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    I don't know exactly what the problems are and if it is due to his specific needs, but I know he uses one low frequency single system on a stock portfolio and he is constantly having troubles as he is not professional and lets his system run while at work( like me ).

    Using TS, depending on the build, I have really rare bugs. I may have one specific issue when I upgrade to the latest version but i have like 2-3 real issues per year( this year, only problems are after rollovers ).

    One other thing that makes me want to use a more stable solution is that I may use real time bid/ask datas instead of OHLC on a pretty fast system.

    Thanks FrostEngine for the link.

    I'm interested in seeing one complete ( useless ) system to have an idea of the amount of work required. If someone would share...:) I still don't know if i will be able to create one or if I have to stay with solutions like TS, Ami, NeoTicker. In fact, I'm looking for one solution that 1- is compatible with IB datas 2- can manage second intervals 3- permits to use the DOM as real time datas.

    and I was thinking I have to program my own thing for this kind of systems. Perhaps, excel is OK, i don't know...

    Thanks everyone.