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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by wetears, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. wetears


    Does anyone have any helpful interview sample questions or recommended readings for a first interview at a prop firm? In short, what should I be prepared for? I am going to graduate w/my ms in finance in may, but am worried my cordoroy jacket wearing professors have tainted my creativity with their theory. Thanks in advance
  2. ajwb


    Depends alot on the kind of firm you will trade at and what the general type of trading you will do. I used to be a branch manager of a large trading firm in the Netherlands and hence had many applicants in the office. My focus lay at:
    - reaction speed (physically and mentally)
    - overall impression / matching with other employees
    - general knowledge
    - love for the markets
    - dedication in general and to this job specifically

    Less important (I think) is:
    - educational level (streetwise and general knowlwedge being more important in many trading styles)
    - trading experience (trading via a normal bank/broker is 99% different than direct access trading).

    This being said, a good friend of mine applied for a job at a large hedge fund. He went trough several days of interviews and ability tests before he went in. Education was vital as was knowledge of the various (derivative) markets. These kind of tests I never deemded necessary, since we did have some highly educated individuals and ex-market makers as trainees. There was most certainly very little correlation in success and education - in OUR style of trading.

    In short, depending on the job and firm you are applying for, you can expect a wide range of questioning.... Thus, I'm arfraid this reply is not much help....

    In any case, good luck