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  1. Hi folks,

    I am wondering if someone with trading experience would be kind enough to send me a copy of his CV. It doesn't have to be up to date. I am interested in an international format. I am not interested in the standard resume we use here in the U.S.

    I bet you are wondering why I need it.... Well, I am being solicited by a major exchange in Asia, but they have not provided any specific requirements. I know that, in some countries, it is customary to provide a birth date, marital status, a picture and various other details that we don't provide as applicants here in the U.S.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Shanghai? :D
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    At that level they tend to be fine with US formats, especially in HK SG. Birth date and marital status would be expected.

    At local recruitment level in some countries they expect a photo, exemption from military service status (Y/N), names of parents/ancestors, English, Chinese dialect skills, who you know at the company, any overseas training, etc

    I have PM'd a link that gives you some idfea
  5. Interesting. A US employer would never expect or ask for that sort of information. I have done some research and get conflicting ideas of what info should be included. I appreciate the links.
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    Tends to be a cultural thing. I suspect mainland China would also place emphasis on this. It is also related to the fact that there is limited recourse to the law so you hire relatives or people known to people you know as protection. Hire strangers and them leaving with your database and setting up across the street is a definite possibility with limited legal recourse.
  7. Thanks for your help, guys. I wrapped it up into a PDF and sent it off today. I'm not really pursuing the job, but when opportunity knocks one should answer. Thanks, again.