Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani

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  1. In a band together called Chickenfoot. Also, Michael Anthony bass formerly with Van Halen and Chad Smith drums formerly with Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  2. Satriani rules...I hope this project results in some decent music.
  3. How could it not.
  4. Michael Anthony on bass? Sammy drags that dude everywhere he goes. First impression of the name Chickenfoot was not to my liking, but it is something easy to remember. They can put a big picture of a Chicken Foot on their album cover. Maybe have it grasping Obama's head. :p
  5. More likely it would be grasping Limbaughs head. In an interview Satch didn't like the name at first either but eventually caved and said the music was more important after the initial proposal for the name grew together with the news of the union. That and Satch loves Anthony's playing ...who'd know better.
  6. I don't think a chickenfoot could fit around Limbaugh's head as his head is bigger than a watermelon. The name Chickenfoot with the "k" backwards looks cool, along with the square peace sign. I assume that is their logo? Listening to Down the Drain right now. Kind of a slow tune with a cool solo that is kinda close to Eddie in a way. I guess with Anthony's bass thumping in the background it can't be helped. Song is speeding up a little at the 4:30 mark or so which is good. Ha ha. Anthony is laughing at Van Halen about now with Eddie's little son trying to play bass. Ending of song sounds kind of like early Led Zeppelinish.

    Soap on a Rope: Really Zep like beginning. Maybe they should of had Plant as their singer for this one. My lord, what did they do, listen to a bunch of old Zeppelin tunes before writing this one? Oops Tony Iommi lick. So far, no originality that I can see. A bunch of old rockers trying to make a last buck. Satch has brought himself down to this level? Shame on him! Sammy's singing is kind of weird. Doesn't really fit the music too well. When Anthony sings in the background it sounds like Van Hagar. Lot of cliche rock licks,ect. Sammy vocals are too much in the background on this tune, along with the first one above. Maybe that is on purpose. His voice isn't really standing out above the guitar work. (IMHO).

    I hope their other tunes are better than these two. Saving the best for last?


    Satch: A for solo work. C- for song originality. (I'm sure Hagar had something to do with this).

    Hagar: B- for singing.

    Anthony: B- his usual self.

    Smith: B for drumming.
  7. I'm kinda agreeing with you esp. the part about Satch bringing himself down to this level. His solo work is such a treasure and there seems to be some empty spaces where Satch could do more fills Schon never lets any space stay empty too long. I read an interview that said Hagar et al were jamming with Schon and it suggested that Schon almost could have been in there too.