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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by shovel52, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. shovel52


    I was wondering if anyone has taken the Sammy Chua video
    course. $2000? is it any good? and was hoping someone would
    share some stock selection criteria that he uses. It would be interesting to see how someone that makes several million per year picks his stocks.
  2. machine


    Sammy, cut the crap and take it to Yahoo boards.
  3. Carboxyl


    Haha, good call machine! $2000? Did anyone really paid for something like that?
  4. Check out how the big firms guard their prop methods / systems with their lives. Companies such as Timber Hill, CRT ( years ago), companies that do program trades , hedge funds keep it to themselves since the leveraged nature of the markets + a couple of bucks, + compounding will make the owner windfalls many times over .

    OOPPS I forgot, people who sell these are altruists.
  5. Pabst


    Best 2k I never spent.
  6. london


    Are you still Trading Sammy's system?