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  1. He certainly claims a big stick.....but let's see some numbers......
  2. Protrader / Pejman,

    His numbers are audited, or so he claims... he trades large size from what I can gather (10,000 shares on an expensive Nasdaq stock is large size), which may account for his very healthy profits.

  3. Carl J

    Carl J

    He's got a full page add in the Feb. issue of Active Trader mag. page 33. He's doing two free live trading seminars, one in Los Angeles Jan 28 the other in New York Feb 18 and 19
  4. Might be worth showing up and seeing him in action. Who here has observed his trading or purchased his materials? Tell us a bit about him and his trading prowess.
  5. Candle I didn't see the word audited. I saw verifiable, whatever that means. Perhaps I was looking in the wrong place. Also I wonder what his track record has been since the period he cites.
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    Ok, this maybe a self answered question but what I don't understand is if some one can make 270K in six months why would he spend his time selling seminars on how to do this?

    We see this all the time and I guess my question is that is there more money in selling the ability to trade than actually trading?from what I see yes.

    Or is he just a helpful guy who is trying to help his fellow man :D

    After watching some of the 10minute mpeg on the site all I can think of is the guy that use to sell the real estate programs on late night TV with the bikini babes around him telling everyone how YOU COULD HAVE ALL THIS!
  7. Parttime, I swear to God, that was the first thing I thought of as well.
  8. Let's put aside for the moment his motives or reasons for merchandising and focus on things more useful such as whether he has anything of real value to offer. Gross speculation as to his motives does not constitute proof of his trading proficiency, offers no new information but to tell us to invetsigate no further. Whether he sells his stuff or not has not one thing to do with his ability to trade. There is no established relationship between the two, so let us not go down this road for the umpteenth time.

  9. If someone was truly interested in his trading style, ask him for trade confirmations and statements. He says in his web video you should always ask a mentor or teacher for these things. He also is presenting a free seminar, but you probably won't get too much out of this.
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