Sammy Chua?

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  1. I am curious if anyone has an opinion on Sammy Chua and/or his trading style.

    I performed a search and there wasn't that much info.
  2. What? The Fat Detective Martial Arts guy? Who beats up the bad guys with loaves of bread/rakes etc? In San Fran?
  3. He makes most of his money in the early morning volatility (first two hours of trading). He looks for breakouts from triangle patterns. That is the core of his trading style.

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    Charles Trader is right.

    Most trades completed in the most volatile first two hours.

    The style of trading is super fast and super intense. No time for entry hesitation or much deliberation once a stock hits the entry point. He was using Protrader last I knew.

    You need at least a 500kb bandwidth connection and lots of charts to folllow the action.

    He recommends you use speed keys on trade executions.

    I found that I personally was too slow and missed most of the entries, but hope to get back sometime this spring with a faster computer.
  5. Gesundheit.
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    I assume that if I say "Cheers" you're going to answer "Boston?"

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    Clue us all in

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  9. >>gesundheit?<<

    I think it is german and means 'health'

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    "Gesundheit" does indeed mean health in german and it's used as a blessing,
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