Same stocks everyday or hot stocks?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by listedguru, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. I've been trading news stocks (earnings, etc) for years but lately it's become way too much work and little (if any) reward. I'm thinking of just playing the same 3 or 4 stocks everyday. I used to trade this way when I first started trading years ago.

    These news stocks are just crazy as the gap ups can be huge and the action can be very unpredictable. I guess maybe it's a result of the rise of the machines? Anyway it seems like their might be more of an edge is trading a few names everyday (and less stress).


  2. Your going to miss A LOT of good trade opportunities, but there are some guys in forex that only trade EUR/USD because its the biggest pair and has the most volume, and movement, but I dont see this very commonly in the stock market.
  3. Yeah thats my biggest fear is missing out on those hot stocks of the day. But I'm just chasing my tail right now trying to focus on these news play and I end up missing everything anyway. These plays are so fast these days you really need to be watching them like a hawk if your not automated (which I'm not). I'm getting too old to chase these things around so maybe 3 or 4 of the same plays with good range everyday is the answer for me?

  4. Your going to miss A LOT of good trade opportunities

  5. Well I'm already missing a lot of opps (LOL) by trying to focus on news stocks. So maybe focusing on the same stuff everyday will help me. Less is more I guess...

  6. Sometimes there can be 15+ companies reporting earnings before, during, and after market hours, movement happens fast, direction unknown, and volatility can be crazy....why even bother? I used to enjoy the thrill in my early trading days, but the luster has worn off, and now I stare at my screen 80% of the time than I do actually trading. Trading can be pretty boring at times.