same sex?

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  1. i know this is going to be controversial but it has been nagging at me for a while so i will post it and you can make your own opinion.

    i would first like to say i am not gay, nor do i have a problem with people who are gay.

    so here it is.

    i was thinking what is a same sex relationship. people say it is when a man and a man have sex or a woman and a woman have sex. so then i thought how do you define gender. well the obvious is penis vagina. then i thought what does the bible say. then i read genesis it says the definition of a woman is someone who is made from man, it does not state it is someone that has a vagina. so is the bible's description of sex not necessarily based on physical form. i then thought why do you get gay people that are like women, they have the same chemicals straight men have but they are sensitive like women perhaps the the differentiation is something else.

    is the bible's explanation of gender different to the human understanding.

    read a bible and see what it says. is this just me or have i misread it. i would like your opinion. and please not insults this is a serious argument and i am not claiming a side just debating.

    what do you think.
  2. Basically the consensus is, you are better off reading Archies and get a better idea :D
  3. what is archies.
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    are you sure it doesnt say:

    woman is someone who is made FOR man?


    seriously - an interesting point. to get a fuller understanding though, i believe you will have to also refer to other parts of the bible to get a perspective on this. there are several parts of the bible which on their own may seem odd or a bit silly, but when taken in context of other passages seem to make sense.

    this is one reason why you get people flaming the bible (or other religious texts like the koran) as they take one sentence out of context that on it's own seems to suggest a lack or morals. its just a misrepresentation - just like how reality tv shows will massage a clip and show it out of context to get the viewer to see things in a predetermined way.

    i digress.....
  5. Anthropologists reserve the word sex for reference to biological categories, while using gender to refer to social or cultural categories.
  6. I don't put a lot of stock in the Hebrew folklore version of genesis. If you look at it like a parable, you could possibly conclude that what is different comes from what is the same. Or, the separated comes from the unified...or the many come from the one.

    The main thing to remember is, "there is no male or female in Christ". Meaning, that in the World of Go(o)d, there are no genders because there are no differences.

    So, the genesis of male/female is not of "Our Father". When it says, "in the beginning god...", it is speaking of the god of time, not the Go(o)d of an eternal Son (Our Father).

    Male/female is of the god-of-this-world, namely, the "god of Israel" (god of Hebrew folklore). Male/female is a concept manifest of imagination. They speak of separation, differences, limitations, and heirarchy. These are seminal themes antithetical to the World of Go(o)d which is characterized by unity (oneness), sameness, unlimited being, and equality of being. The "god" that makes male and female is using imagination. Therefore, it makes images. It's images frame a kind of picture of itself. The cosmos of time/mass collectively pictures the "god" of it.

    What do you think?

    P.S. "the Son" and "Our Father" are parables. They do not officially designate gender.