Same sex parenting = screwed up kids

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  1. Can't deny the facts. What is especially interesting is those of you that say people are "born" homosexual, when as you can see, if a person has 2 lesbian parents, only 61% say they are 100% heterosexual vs 90% for people with a mother & father. This proves beyond a doubt that letting a kid in a homosexual environment will increase his chance to be homosexual by about 300%. It just shows how homosexuality is basically a disease of the mind, not unlike dementia or schizophrenia.

    Federal ban on gay marriage NOW!

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    Genetics don't work like that. If a father is 6'5, it doesn't mean his son will be 6'5. If mom has blue eyes, it doesn't mean her child will have blue eyes etc. That said, true, many gays and bisexuals choose that lifestyle. OTOH, there's at least one kid in elementary school who's a total flamer. Hard to argue a 7 year old chooses their sexuality. Check out the differences in reported molestation: 10 TIMES. Good post. Be interested to see how single-parent households stack up against lesbian mothers (similar? marginally better?)
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    Personally I don't think the federal government has any business getting involved with marriages.

    That said same sex parenting is unnatural.
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    Not to defend homosexuality or to take a side in Nature vs. Nurture, but to point at your logic... both dementia and schizophrenia can and do have physical causes, including genetics.

    You are a legalistic Christian.
  5. +1

    Peil is so out to lunch that is hard to find a point to begin deconstructing his posts.

    It's like reading a term paper with an improperly formatted cover page, you know the rest is just downhill from there.
  6. I wonder how the stats change/vary with two dads?
  7. It doesnt vary much. According to this article, 29% of children raised by homosexual dads became homosexual.

    It also shows how unstable their relationships are because out of all the participants, they couldnt find one homosexual male couple with kids that was still together after 3 years.
  8. Yikes. Men are sluts.

    That's why I'm happy to be a lesbian trapped in a mans body.
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    Me too! :)
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    so about a third of these poor children get molested... no male couples stay together, few lesbians do and many children wind up in foster care.

    And you all go after peil for his non pc comment.

    Deal with facts folks.
    This 2 dads or 2 moms thing is dangerous to the kids.
    Based on this study it would be crazy to place kid in an environment where they are likely to be molested by an adult.

    When you can say this with... straight face...Would it be safer to place them at a Catholic church.... you know there are very serious problems with homosexual couples.
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