Same sex marriage - what are homosexuals thinking???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Cutten, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Cutten


    Getting married is one of the worst things you can do. The failure rate is at least 80% (50% divorces, 30% unhappy marriages with adultery or just constant fights & antagonism. Only 20% work out at all). When they go wrong, you get raped in court and suffer financial disaster - massive legal fees, huge alimony payments. The ones that work in the long-term are no better than non-marriage relationships that works in the long-term. It's no upside and major downside.

    Why then would any homosexuals want to get married? I don't understand it, they must be crazy. There isn't even the excuse of kids.
  2. Some one may need tax advise. Estimated Quarterlies are due Oct 15....they suck as almost as much as ex-wifes. Not that that I would know.

  3. Turok


    >Why then would any homosexuals want to
    >get married? I don't understand it, they
    >must be crazy.

    I'm with you Cutten, never been, never will. Went from a 12 year committed live in to a now 5 year committed live in but the paper I will do without.

    As if another reason was needed ... if both of the married partners make decent money, there is a *significant* marriage tax penalty -- amounts to about 30k for my significant other and I this year alone. Happy to keep our money.

    >There isn't even the excuse of kids.

    Well, yes there is if so inclined -- same sex couples can adopt and some don't want the kids stuck with the social stigma of unmarried parents.

    I say "Raise some kids with a moral compass strong enough to stand up for what *they* believe is right and the hell with the social stigmas from any side."

  4. I made a couple of serious comments on the Dear Abby silliness on the other thread. But, I have to agree, if 2 people want to suffer through a 50/50 chance of marital survival, then let them go for it, LOL.


    edit- good comments Turok.