same old faces at the TRADER EXPO's ?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by SethArb, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. ( hope I will not ruffle some feathers but ... )

    why is it I seem to see the same "names" year after year at these EXPO's presenting their methods ?

    is this the best way for these people to find new customers for their wares ?

    why don't I see new faces more often ... I mean I once heard Steve Schonfeld chat at one of these

    and heard Trader Vic another time ...

    even mark cook once ... but usually ... its the same old "names" out there in my opinion ...

  2. oh --- did you not get the notice???

    You are on for opening day at 6:00 pm {only a 1 hour slot} --- they will have the podium, backdrop chart screen, and microphone all ready for you!!! :D that will be in the room that seats 2000 {is that enough room for you?}.

    cool --- a new face at the expo this year!!! :D
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    That's definitely a question that there could be a lot of answers to.

    First of all, it's not always the same old faces. There are a number of faces that were there in 2000, 2001 that are no longer in business. That kind of shows that what they were doing didn't have legs.

    As for the faces that are there year after year, it says something about them also. They wouldn't be there unless two of these situations were true:
    1. The expo people feel that they are a good draw, so they work to make it worth their while to come and speak. If these people have that kind of drawing power, then they more than likely have something to say that people want to hear and that is evidenced by them filling a room year after year.
    2. The people who present on their own nickel obviously feel that it's worth their while to make the investment with time and money and that they'll get something out of it. If they didn't get a return on their investment by people buying their books/courses/services every year, then you can bet they wouldn't be ponying up to present year after year. And if attendees didn't think that these presenters had something worthwhile to offer, they wouldn't be buying what these people are selling.

    Just my thinking on the subject.