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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by dbeck29, Apr 14, 2006.

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    so does etrade do same day substitution on advanced spreads? i called up my power etrade hotline and the guy on the other end didnt really know what that even was. im a little disenchanted with them, thinking about going to thinkorswim, after reading the reviews....but anyways, back to the same day substitution....anybody?

    ETRADE......... OH MY GOD THIS MUST BE A NEWBIE!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, back on topic.

    Etrade sucks, get your money out immediately.

    Nothing else matters, your problems now will turn into heartache later, I can personally claim I've had serious issues costing me a lot of money when I just started trading.


    You realize they didn't know what they were talking about on the phone?

    You should have been me when I tried calling them and I was mysteriously disconnected 4 times in a row being "switched" to another department.

    Great stuff Etrade.... great stuff.