Same As It Ever Was

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  1. “People spend too much time on the last 24 hours and not enough time on the last 6,000 years.” – Will Durant

    This is a few short stories about things that never change in a world that never stops changing.

    #1: Big risks happen when a bunch of small risks combine and compound. But small risks are easy to ignore, so people always underestimate the odds of big risks.

    #2: Optimism is the fuel of progress, and without it people will grind to a halt. So you will often find it even when the odds are stacked against you and the facts don’t align.

    #3 People will avoid even the slightest discomfort, even when the pain is manageable and trying to avoid the pain creates bigger risks.

    #4. Disagreement is constant because it’s rooted in individual experiences. Experiencing a major stressor can permanently change your behavior, leaving certain countries and generations with extreme feelings toward specific topics.
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    #5 People are scared of catching virus but are shameless about going viral. Grow up, folks.
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    Excellent post Chuck. Thanks.

    I have a young relative who wants to get tattoos. Her parents and I are against it. But now she's 18 and free to do it.

    I suppose that I have made many decisions in life that I later regretted, so that is one reason why my gut says, "no, don't do it." Also, I come from a generation where few people had tattoos, except military guys and later, punk rockers. Oh well...

    So this gives me the excuse to post one of the greatest music videos ever:D

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    Great video.
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  6. Well said!
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    Very well said, mate!