same account on two computers

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  1. Is it possible to have the same IB account on two computers simultaneously.

    I'm having problems with my computer turning off while I'm trying to trade and have ordered another one. But I thought it might be good insurance to have my IB account open at the same time on each computer as a backup.

    All replies appreciated.
  2. NoBias


    You cannot have two instances of the same username open simultaneously. i.e. two computers.

    You can however obtain a 2nd username for your account in Account Management, which effectively allows you to run TWS on two separate computers simultaneously.

    I use my primary username associated with my API on my primary trading system. I use my secondary username for my portable devices as backup during the trading day.

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  3. Great reply NO BIAS. I appreciate it.
  4. Bob111


    yep..i have like 3-4 users on same account,running on separate PC's for separate systems.different user/password/card.