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  1. Do yourself a favor and read Sam Sneiden's article in SFO May issue.

    This simple article is probably the best written word about trading I have seen in a long time.

    I use to fill my charts up with indicators, lines, tickers, etc. Looked like the cockpit of a 777. Funny thing is...all they are is a depiction of past price. Sometimes it was hard to see the price thru all the stuff on the monitor.

    Over the last several months, I have just watched price and volume. Watch it move, consolidate and spring toward a level of support or resistance. My P&L has skyrocketed.

    Great article that reminds us all of the true human element that is what really causes price to move in any market.

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    How about quoting a couple of paragraphs.
  3. VISIONTRADER..............your post makes me want to ask you..........have you abandoned the VTDT and the VTDB divergence chart patterns using macd and stochastics??? thanks