Saluzzi on HFTs

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  1. She is obviously a shill for the HFT mob.

    And who knows what other mob.
  2. rosy2


    considering that the OTC market is much larger than what's traded on exchanges who cares about front running. i remember when i was just out of college i interviewed at a large dutch bank in chicago and the fx guy said if a big client is trying to buy XXX then we'll buy some first
  3. Glad this issue is finally getting some press. Maybe, just maybe somebody who's not in Goldman's pocket at the SEC may introduce some rule(s) to stop some of that shit. Or maybe just raise the fees to make uneconomical for these scammers to operate.
  4. You can't stop them from using supercomputers, and you may not be able to stop co location.

    But you can demand any order be left up for at least 1 or more seconds.

    This will take quite a bit of the game away, but not all
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    Notice she has a slight russian accent. Interesting.