Salut Capital = Velez Capital Management = HLV Capital

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by cstfx, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. cstfx


    I got a pm this evening from a poster named pro0101 trying to solicit my business to come join his firm "Salut Capital", which, quite frankly, is a jackass way of trying to dredge up some business.

    Well, I am sure that there have been quite a few others here, particularly the newbies asking about rates and such, that this mook has also solicited. So for the uninitiated, Salut Capital is just a group of Velez Capital Management ("Hey give me 5k and I'll teach you how to generate commissions!") which itself is just the re-incarnation of the infamous HLV Capital:

    For you new guys, use the search button in the upper right hand of this page and research HLV and Velez. If you also got a come on, weigh the info from others presented here (and in other forums on the net, too) before you decide whether or not you are seduced by their offer of low rates.

    Sorry for the soap box, but just a public service announcement for all the new guys of late looking for a little direction.
  2. OMoney


    They are not brokerage firms, so how can they generate, charge or pay out commisions?
  3. thats a dumb friggin name for a firm. salut!
  4. toc


    half or more than half of prop firms are frauds of some kind.
  5. cstfx


    generate commissions for THEM.
  6. OMoney


    Unless I'm mistaken, Velez or Sault are not broker dealers or licensed.
    So how can they advertise, charge and collect commsions?
    They do, but how is it legal since they are not BDs?
    Since regulators have not closed them there must some loophole.
    Is there a difference between firms like this and Bright Trading?