Salt of the earth,or just salty?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by acronym, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Good salt, there appear to be some discrepancies as to what is good or not.

    Even that varies.
    However, im not stoked about the situation there, particularly with the recent anti salt agenda-
    all bullshit.

    Anti sodium chloride, or potassium chloride yes, but where does that fit in?
    It doesnt.

    Human beings dont require any of the salt " products" they've been fed for a century.

    After they had ripped every last usable product , trace element or good stuff out of the natural product, they pumped it full of iodide to make up for there criminal NEGLECT .
    It failed-yet this unnatural, abnormal peice of crap of a product is in most of the things you eat;

    Are you thrilled , about that?
  2. Another viewpoint.

    It's long been the case, that some african nations consume clay for wellbeing, asian healers the same.
    These things pop up, in health terms-why?
    Its simple enough, the elements a human body needs are contained within these things, be it natural celtic sea salt, clay from an amazonian basin, or something else.