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  1. Krunk


    Two, ten year reformed day traders, seek other disgruntled companions for semi-intelligent coffee chats.

    Seriously though... Myself and another trader in Park City are looking to talk to other traders about past stories, current techniques, etc. The two of us have actively traded equities full time for over ten years. After the close we meet up for coffee or drinks regularly.

    Anyone interested in meeting up can just reply for more information.

    Park City. It's in Utah? Anyone? No? We didn't think so. Oh well.
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    My wife and I live in Phoenix right now while she is attending nursing school. After which we are going to move to a ski town, Park City is on the top of our list. I lived in Vail for a few years, but I have heard it has become extremely expensive. I assume that Park City is going to be rather expensive as well. What is your take on Park City and all it has to offer?

    Thanks in advance



    P.S. If i lived there now, I would have coffee with you...
  3. 377OHMS


    I love Park City.

    We stopped going to Vail and Beaver Creek years ago. We go to Park City and then do day trips into little Cottonwood canyon to go to Alta or sometimes even go to Deer Valley for some high speed (and no stupid snowboarders).

    I'm sure there are folks who won't believe this but in all the years I've skied Park City I have never taken the tram down to the town from the mountain. I have always skied down to the houses just off main street and then walked home along main street with skiis over shoulder.

    I've had people call bullshit at dinner when I tell them. :D

    Anyway, what a great town. We had a lawyer friend in L.A. quit his job and move to Park City, he owns the hardware store now but he started out shoveling snow off of roofs.
  4. I lived in PC for 10 years (beginning in 1981 right out of high school). Boy I miss it, and was there recently to look into moving back.

    Not even remotely the same town! It was a town of 5,000 when I was there, Nothing between the freeway and Three Kings but beautiful ranch land. Full on Aspen now. I can't believe what they did to Jeremy/Pinebrook. Mind boggling.

    Still a great town, but I am looking at Crested Butte now. I like when I know everyone in town. BTW, I bought a brand new, 3 bed townhouse, with views of the ski runs for 97k in the mid 80's. Wish I held on to that one!

    Maybe you know some of my close friends who have been there forever.

    Doug & Leslie Webster (teacher and pediatrician)

    Greg Cutt (top mortgage broker)

    Steve and Mo Briley

    Scott Atkinson

    All great folk if you ever happen to run into any of them. Especially Leslie Webster if you have kids. Damn good pediatrician. Mention Jayford, and she'll give you special attention! (yes, my handle here is my nickname among my buddies).
  5. Bullet


    Are there really no trader's out here?? Tough to get a trader's social group going with no traders! foot hucks during ski pick it.

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  7. Park City is nice.

    Salt Lake is a shithole. Their gangbangers per capita would definitely rival Chicago, Detroit, or DC.
  8. I'd be interested in meeting up for beer, coffee, and to talk trading. I'm in SLC. I ski Solitude and the back country mostly, but I don't huck anything over 3 ft.
  9. natet30


    I would love to get together for drinks! I live in salt lake and I have been trading index futures for 3 years.