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    After crushing the US tomato industry, US has a problem. They don't really have proof it was US tomatoes. Now they have to find someone to blame, hmm, let's blame the Mexicans! We found ONE pepper contaminated with salmonella as proof. Good. Screw up the Mexican exports so even more Mexicans will lose their jobs and cross the border.

    Know where salmonella comes from? Shit. Human shit or animal shit. There are so many steps in the distribution process, up untill the very point where the guy in the US puts the vegetables on the shelf. Maby it was that guy who took a shit and didn't wash his hands. Maby the people who bought the tomatoes and took them home took a shit and didn't wash their hands before preparing the meal. How many cases are their of salmonella every day? I mean the US is a big country, and food poisoning isn't that uncommon. All of us probably witness it a few time a year, if not ourself then others.

    What then is it that makes the FDA decide that a "outbreak" affecting .00000000001 percent of the US population is due to contamination at a farm in Mexico?
  2. Don't know if this is true or not, but I heard that the bulk of the reported cases were due to food poisoning in Salsa. Wonder if it was never tomatoes at all and it was always peppers? If so..."Oops!"

  3. What then is it that makes the FDA decide that a "outbreak" affecting .00000000001 percent of the US population is due to contamination at a farm in Mexico?


    Booyah! We found a tomatoe in Mexico with some doo doo on it but we can't find bin laden. This is an exciting country we live in.
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    the FDA people are all working towards great jobs in the private sector... we had a previous outbreak that was first blamed on Organic Pastures Farm, then it was found to be what the non FDA experts said all along, the way they feed cattle produces disease that gets into the veggie patch but the FDA is never going to go up against the cattle industry, it just would not work well for them and their careers.

    Buy locally grown organic produce, range fed meat, range fed chickens and eggs... get good food, avoid the bullshit from the FDA and greedy industrial giants...

    Why does the FDA not have traceability in place? The fricking public sector reminds me of the 18th century, sort of pre-computer days really... they could require travelers for food that were internet enabled, it would cost growers next to nothing even though they would kick and scream about the costs and over regulation.... if they had that in place, finding the source of an outbreak could be done by a college student in a half an hour probably.. at least to the level of exactly where to send the investigators...