Saliba/Cottle collaberated strategies

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  1. I just finished Saliba's excellent new options book on directionless market trading. He mentions a few butterfly combinations he worked on with Cottle back in the day. No real detail was given, and I've yet to find any info on the net. I've listed the four below and would appreciate any info. Thanks

    Tennessee, Elongated, Turbo, Ratioed
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    You're not alone. John Sarkett wrote a review of Saliba, Corona and Johnson's "Option Strategies For Directionless Markets" for the May issue of SFO magazine which was a good issue since it was entirely devoted to options. He expressed his chagrin that there was only a brief discussion of real time risk management techniques. He indicated that authors have the goods (knowledge/experience) but that the omission of details made it frustrating to follow some of the strategies presented in the book.