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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by WCOMtrader, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. I am trying to get into Sales trading. Are there any here who can share some advice?

  2. honestly, it isnt the best time to be a sales trader b/c customers now have the option of using ECNs to fill order as opposed to the years b/4. This means cheaper ways to execute their trades....

    Unless you have ESTABLISHED accounts which you dont b/c you are new, it is harder to break into..

    If you have a really good education and resume, etc try to apply to a sales and trading programs at one of the big broekrage firms, (merrill, Chase, etc), but unless you know someone there to get your resume into, or have an excellent resume, the odds are against you due to the economic downturn...

    sorry for the grim outlook, but from what I see it is the truth. Your best bet is networking anyway... try top become someones assistant
  3. Here's my opinion,

    There's no better time than now to open up a Sales Trading Desk. Here is the reason: the public is a flock of goats who will follow portfolio managers like a lion chasing raw meat - the sales trader. Q.E.D.


    NYPD fine.
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    What does a "sell side sales trader" have to do with a "Portfolio manager" who by definition works for a fund?
  5. portfolio managers deal with clients money and are paid a salary, whether they perform or not- they are the buy-side, who are in constant contact with the sell-side traders who pitch them investment ideas for a fee.
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    agreed 100%
    besides get on the field, thats the rollercoaster...... the merry go round is on the on the sidelines