sales of Marx "Das Kapital" is up

Discussion in 'Economics' started by andrasnm, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. worldwide.....
    RIP American Style "fuckism".......
  2. The CN-BS Talking Heads this morning were asking, "We gonna end up like France, or Russia"?

    Either of those sound good? :mad:
  3. i heard russia has many beautiful women
  4. Depends on tastes. People (In USA) like to believe that if you are from Sweden you are automatically this hot blue eyed blonde but i think it is a stereotype.

    Donald Trump seems to have a preference for Slavic women(though not Russian women in particular).
  5. Surdo


    STAY away from Ukranian babes, unless it is by the hour!
    They are sharks with very sharp teeth.
  6. Mecro


    LOL stop messing with those strippers from SCORES.

    The Ukranian girls may have gotten the gold-digging down to a science but let's not forget who they learned it from.
  7. Maybe why they're reading Das Kapital is to better understand the relation between capital and power, it was a book about capitalism.
  8. It seems the current GOP administration has been reading a bit of Marx lately. Item #5 on the infamous list of measures outlined in the Communist Manifesto...