Sales guys of Sales and Trading desks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by toben, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. toben


    Anyone know a good forum where the Sales guys post. This forum is great for Trading tips, but I want to get on an IB desk in a sales role.
  2. Ebo


    Nobody in their right mind would post on a bulletin board from the "sell side". At least not going to happen during trading hours due to compliance issues.
  3. might be a good place to hang out.
  4. pismo you renegade!
  5. LOL :D :D
  6. Seriously, most of the IBs have pretty tight restrictions on what people can post outside the company. If you want a sales and trading position you're better off networking in person.
  7. i always thought it was dewey cheetem & howe
  8. toben


    Anyone know a good place to find institutional sales guys?
  9. just look for the fins that break the surface...
  10. If you want the best equity derivative desk on the Street, try Rick Goldsmith at Deutsche Bank.
    He is head of Global Sales.

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