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    guys , i have worked at a bank trading fx for for 15 years...i want to move to a prop firm ....what is the going rate for what i should look for re salary/comission etc ?
  2. If you are going to trade FX...why not just trade your own account and keep 100% of the profits? Surely after 15 years trading you must be confident & profitable enough to trade your own account.
  3. Equity levels make it a totally different ball game I imagine.
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    richard71 a bank i had pretty big p/l swings yet over time i would make very good money....unfortunaltely i am not in a position to lose say 100t etc.....that why i need the backing of a firm my own cash and having a few bad days effects confidence and u dont trade the same ........yes if i had $2m in my bank account i would trade with my own cash