Salary: Big 3 autoworker vs PhD college professor

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  1. Excessive education is over rated.

    In Canada, a 2 years certificate in Plumbing or Painting will enable you to make over $100,000.00 a year.

    All in Cash.
  2. Bob111

    Bob111 your face, Canadian traders! in your face!(us traders too) :D
    fuck the trading! let's paint the walls!
    link please
  3. I will have to say a university professor probably has more job security than an uaw worker now thou.
  4. It looks like it's nearly time to renegotiate those UAW contracts, so you'll start seeing these propogandas from both sides. Soon we'll see a story about how UAW compensation is actually 2/3 of McDonalds fry cooks.
  5. Plumbers in our area billing out at $60/hr and Electricians at $80/hr...but you should see the wages for IT's about half that. Huge supply of "knowledge workers" relative to demand.
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    you can get $60 per hour as a plumber but can you get 40 hours of work per week every week?

    porn stars probably get $1000 per hour, but i bet they don't work 99-5 every day. :D
  7. I think it s time to get the professors unionized.

    Funny, nobody is getting bent out of shape when a CEO gets 200 million and a golden parachute to boot. It is always the big three workers and their supposedly overinflated salaries who are evil overpaid and lazy not the upper management.
    It s sad how well the propaganda system had made many think it is the working class who is brining this country down.
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    No wonder we don't have any good plumbers in my area, had to learn the trade myself cuz I couldn't find anybody to do it. Plumbers get 11-12 bucks an hour, less for people getting trained. And it's about the same for electricians. Note - that's what the outfits pay them, the guys that hang their own shingles charge up to $50, but they have to pay the yellow pages ad, the truck, etc.

    You get what you pay for. These plumbers are lucky to remember water runs downhill.
  9. Yes it is. Maybe that will attract more talented people into teaching. Our educational system is a joke. (esp in FL)
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