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  1. Does anybody know what is going to happen with SAI on Monday? I'm trying to figure this out in advance of the start of trading on Monday so I can take advantage of any mispricings.

    Here is what I know. SAI will split into SAIC and LDOS. SAIC is basically the inheritor of SAI.

    7 shares of SAI will convert to one share of SAIC.

    There will be a 1:4 reverse split of LDOS prior to the open of the market on Monday.

    Pre-trading SAIC and LDOS closed at 35.25 and 44.15 respectively. SAI closed at 16.03.

    Here's where the math doesn't add up.

    Factoring in the 1:7 split of SAI, it has a fair market value on Monday of 112.21

    That's more than 35.25 + 44.15 so it would appear that both SAIC and LDOS are set for a massive bounce on Monday.

    What am I missing in this analysis? (note, last time something similar happened, I wasn't missing anything and made a 1 day gain of 10%).
  2. Well, purchased LDOS at the opening cross today. Should continue to drift up through the afternoon if my calculations are correct.

    Looks like there is indeed an arbritrage opportunity here.