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  1. I have just purchased an HP unit and next week I will be purchasing two of these Sager units. I have a client who let me borrow his unit for evaluation. After my purchase, I am going to see about turning one of them into a Novell server. I am a strong advocate of laptops and this unit seems to be a real winner.

    My associate has had his for about four months and has had no negative issues to speak of. He got the three year extended warranty also. He got the WiFi option as well as the 8X DVD/24x10x24 CD-RW and maxed out the RAM. The 7200 RPM hard drive is definitely a good thing here. The unit quickly synched up with my wireless network and surfing, downloading and operations were easy.

    Connected a Gyration wireless keyboard and mouse and tested out a few more things. No problems at all. I actually got a little more than three hours of battery use.

    The tech support was rather hearty and they were quickly able to diagnose several issues that I created for them. And the 72-hour service turnaround is very similar to the plan that HP has/had when they really followed it (Service and tech support there has really dropped off in the last two years).

    While I love my HP unit, I am sorta' glad I didn't look into this first. Having now used the two units side-by-side, the issue of weight is definitely there. Both of these are monsters and a weak shoulder need not apply. HP - 9 lbs. Sager - 12 lbs. And if your are short on desk real estate, run away fast. For me, these issues are not a concern that would not let me purchase. Hope that helps. :)
  2. I assume the HP is the 17"?.....been looking at that one...

  3. Thats exactly the one i'm looking at, the zd7020us and the zd7001us the only differenve is the zd7020us runs at 2.8GHz and zd7001us at 3.06GHz while the zd7020us have 802.11g and the zd7001us do not. The zd7001us it also $200 more... Seems like the zd7020us is a better deal.

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  4. Sager's are the best, hands down.

    It took over 2+ years to get the UXGA option to be offered, in the mean time, Dell had those screens available immediately. At 15", and now on the 15.4" laptops you can achieve 1600x1200 resolution.

    The 17" monitors at 1490x900 aren't worth it in comparison to the smaller screens and their screen density factor. Mind you, this is a full 17" and most 19" monitor density on a 15" footprint. Also, the resolution is highly readable without distortion of microsized fonts.

    The 12lbs largest model was poorly chosen, then next level machine in the 5600 series would have been just as useful, and weigh in at or around 8 lbs, similar to the HP.

    Sager is awesome, and I highly recommend them, after all, which other reputable system integrator produces anything similar to a desktop processor based configuration on a laptop frame with DVD/RW, choices of 3+ Ghz P4's?
  5. Well, the Pavillion zd7001 runs at 3Ghz and have everything and more...
  6. A 12 POUND laptop???

    There are desktop machines that weigh less than that!!

    Just guessing that portability isn't a factor here?? :)
  7. It is still easier to pick up 10 or 12 lbs in a folded case than a screen, computer, wiring. The idea is something I can take to the dock, to a conference etc. I don't work on the plane anyway.

    So the compromise for a 17" screen and full numeric keyboard (HP) is the weight.
  8. The weight is a problem. But thats what you get for a powerful machine with a 17" screen...
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