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  1. If I download some thing from ET does that mean that I am taking it from ET's servers or does the link send me to out into the broad internet leaving me exposed to virus and spyware?

    I guess what I am really asking is how risky is it to download something of ET.

    As you can tell I am not exactly a computer expert.
  2. No security software can save you from downloading something stupid. Which is the main threat here.
  3. If your talking about .zip files that some ET members use to upload a chart as an attachment...

    I myself absolutely refuses to click and download such along with other attachment files like spreadsheets.

    However, if your talking about someone posting a link in their message that points to another site location outside of ET...

    Regardless if its from ET or outside should be using an antivirus and internet security program.

    As for ET servers...if the attachement is an ET link...I always assume its from ET servers.

    However, I don't know if Baron has his own software that scans attachements being uploaded to his servers.

    If so...great.

    If not...I would be concerned about any attachement at ET that has an ET link.

  4. Baron

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    Given the vast number of attachments that are made here on a yearly basis, I can count the number of malicious files that have been uploaded on one hand. And even during those rare instances where somebody uploaded such a file, it was reported quickly by our members and deleted in short order. So I would say that your chances of actually getting a virus from a file attachment are slim.

    But with that said, aside from having antivirus/firewall software installed, the best thing you can do to prevent problems is to change your web browser to Firefox if you're currently using Internet Explorer. There are known holes in IE that makes your entire computer vulnerable to a variety of attacks and I would personally never use that web browser for anything.
  5. I don't know why people use the attachment route for images.

    They should use the [​IMG]
  6. Thanks Guys