Safety In The Market (SITM) by David Bowden

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  1. Anyone heard of these guys or had any experience of them?

    I occassionally nip in to the odd free seminar to either have a good laugh at outright lies or impossible claims attached to expensive products but was reasonably surprised at the simplicity and lack of salesmanship from these guys.

    Admittedly they have a product to sell but it comes with a lifetime toll-free service line and uses a lot of Gann techniques.

    Now we all know how easily miss-construed and vague systems based around EW and Gann can be, but these guys have a one size fits all, non-hindsight approach that they have results for.

    I haven't got time for these things but I wondered if anyone had any experience with these guys as it was very much service-based than product. Not easy to keep pulling the wool over people's eyes when you have to rely on service levels, especially since these guys scor $0 out of brokerage/datafeeds etc.

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    I heard they are related / associated with people from optionetics.
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  4. Ha ha ha, not surprisingly it seems as though they may be as twisted as the rest of the charlatans that walk around selling the holy grail.

    Has anybody had actual first hand exerience with them- if so, what was it?
  5. safety in the market has been around for years. Gann methods are great for promoting to beginners because ganns story is so alluring. He discovered the "secret" and we will share it with you. unfortunately its so esoteric that by the time the time you've parted with your money you realise you still know nothing.

    I really doubt the can tell you anything you couldn't find on the internet for free.

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    I very reluctantly attended a 2 day seminar recently which I had inadvertenly paid for. I have been to a number of pricely 2 day seminars. I was absolutely blown away!

    What impressed me was that they gave out trades and 3/4 went up immediately...this I have never seen before. I was also in a room with many seasoned traders who were also very impressed. Not the American style hard sell.

    I have tried to use/understand Gann/Elliott wave for a few years, and this finally made sense.