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  1. this is not consultation or advice.
    All Indicator lines used as dynamic support and resistance, that change reliance on the price and time.
    When the price reach and meet one of the indicator, the trend stop, and
    new trend begin.
    the system show the next price target at high probability(no 100%).

    The price go above the EMA (orange line), the target is be the High target indicator (the blue line).

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    Looks nice - so when you bought & sold SAFE based on this indicator, what was your entry, exit and profit this time? Over the last 50 trades what was your aver P/L per trade? If you have this indicator and cannot document performance trading based on it, what are we to do?
  3. How about adding background colors based on stock’s relative strength versus an index and an indication of earnings reports and other significant company events, say though a graduated lighter background over a period of time before and after that event.

    Maybe consider varying bar size according to volume. Perhaps you can also add a “Ribbon” of information or two showing color coded changes of implied volatility and the stock’s put to call ratio.

    Other potentially useful indicators might be a couple of ATRs comparing each day’s range with a average of ranges.

    For a finishing touch, consider superimposing all the above information upon a background consisting of either metrics showing changes of the company’s competitive position over time or an attractive women.

    Although we may no longer be able to clearly see the underlying price chart after all this is done, a collage representing various inputs by market participants into stock trading should provide a representative picture of what the market is really like!
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    so when you bought & sold SAFE based on this indicator, what was your entry, exit and profit this time? Over the last 50 trades what was your aver P/L per trade? If you don't trade it why should we?
  5. Thank you for your advice.

    The chart and the indicators give you all you need, you will be the last person that know
    about any event of the company ( except if you close to some one from inside).
    The chart show you every news, before the press write about it.

    long time ago , this chart was part of big option trade system with a lot of information, I realized that people like simple things, all users looked only at the chart.

    "Other potentially useful indicators might be a couple of ATRs comparing each day’s range with a average of ranges."
    about others indicators, you can find then everywhere, my indicator are special (really).

    you should know basic thing (not must) in technical analysis.
  6. You misunderstood the intent of my post. Perhaps I should have put the words “Tongue in cheek” somewhere. I did have a followup post planned on the expected response by the OP, but I will discuss it here.

    For all the indicators, chart patterns, or other types of analysis out there, those who have obtained “Situational awareness” through experience and intelligence will often have a sense of an impending move in certain situations, regardless of what a chart or news event may look like. It is at this point, the risk to reward and timing is best.

    Consider the following statements:

    “They broke their (Business) model”. - Comment after the takeover by a hedge fund of a upscale department store chain in regards to management’s decision to severely cut costs, and ultimate bankruptsy of company.

    “How can a energy trading company have such a reliable record of earnings growth, be so widely promoted, yet sell for so cheap”? - Comment on Enron several months before their crash.

    “Why in the hell is management spending XX billions of dollars on that” - Recent example, NVDA. Odds are, some are questioning NVDA’s management or risks of acquiring a large company right now.

    “Holy shit, this product changes everything”. - Comment on NVDA on the week of NVDA breaking out of a downtrend to substantial long term outperformance.

    “If you don’t see this as capitulation, you are never going to see it”. - Said by floor trader on day of long term market bottom. I wonder what the chart looked like on that say? (I’m being facetious).

    But what do I know? I’m just a truck driver trying to figure out how to get this truckload of toilet paper delivered on time by finding a way of using an exception in hours of service requirements.
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    I think eddie has a good handle on some stuff. For real.
    Language barrier thing i guess.... but i have no idea why folks want to be dicks and run him off.
    His charts aside, in his passing comments, he has said some things that tell me he's no dummy.
    He's missing a few data inputs though.
    His analytics are good however. He's not just using ema's.
    His only problem lol.... and its not a slam.... his math is spot on... but he didn't grow up here. Street smarts are at least 68% near term.
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  8. Yeah, I don’t don’t know what bug crawled up my ass. Being an asshole like I was, usually involves some sort of insecurity. I have no compliants about trading, women, health, or my employment situation. The only thing left is politics, but like a NFL football game, I cannot change the outcome no matter how hard I might root for a particular team.

    Even political outcomes don’t bug me too much, in spite of all the words and time I have put into it. More like an intellectual exercise. Correction: More like a disintellectual exercise.

    Maybe it is related to a foreboding feeling I have been having towards the future of our society. As bad as many have been calling 2020, a paraphrased special forces drill instructor saying comes to mind: “This last easy year was last year”!

    There is a case for optimism, a part of which in related to Millenials and younger. Yes, really. After all, they will be harder to game by AI because of the feedback effect on still plastic minds. but enough of this kind of talk. I don’t want to feed the web crawlng bots too much in one sitting!
  9. Thanks.
    I want to send you private message, I want to show you something please.
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  10. Received a PM with the title of “not to publish” by the OP with a link to a YouTube video of apparently his system in action. I did not open the link.

    I messaged the OP back discussing motivations why people talk about their trading systems, including motivations of shills. As I said in my response to him, hopefully he is just trying to help by providing content he sincerely believes will help our trading community. I suggested he start a trading journal as well.

    What do you think?