Safe to say, the Afghans are morons

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  1. 92% of Afghan men between ages 15 and 30 haven't heard of "this event foreigners call 9/11

    Perfect stock for more 4th world immigration here.
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    After spending a decade there fighting a war over 9/11 I find those stats hard to believe. Do you have a link?
  4. search afghan on the wsj site.

    I guess you found budding Einsteins over there huh.
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  6. Im lazy? lol

    r u sure you're not an Afgan
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    You wouldn't even go find your own story link. That's lazy.

    According to the story, Afghans are illiterate.
  8. We should just nuke Afghanistan. There is no oil there and its full of terrorists.
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    Now, that made me laugh. Lucrum dating a Muslim! LOL

    Only if he is a serial killer.
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