Safe to go short?

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  1. Hi all,

    I’d like to take a bit of a short position on the market. Not going to be a long term trade but I’m having a debate with myself putting it on.

    Seems this China deal was a huge catalyst but what else is propping this market up?
  2. There is no other game in town?
  3. Real Money

    Real Money

    Nothing is ever safe.
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  4. Especially shorts!
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  5. There is a potential here(?)/somewhere for a BIG trade on the short side... and it will eventually come. Not necessarily now, however. (For the big short to work, the market has to "change its mind about something big/things in general". Not predictable as to when.)

    Whether short or long here, exercise stops with discipline.
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  6. dozu888


    certainly not the index.

    if you have to short, find some stocks that don't go with the index. takes too much research though.

    currently the dumb money is 25:75 long short.... you don't want to be on the dumb side.
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  7. What are you looking at to determine where smart/dumb money flowing
  8. zdreg


    The title of this thread is
    Safe to go short?
    Nothing in life is safe except for one thing: "The only time when the US is safe is when Congress is not in session."
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  9. dozu888


    I have been following this ratio for years, so I know that 25:75 ratio means the dumb money is pessimistic about the sp500, which means the path of least resistance is UP.
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