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    Tiki: I read with interest your post and will take your advice and read "coulda, woulda shoulda book. I would suggest to you however that not everyone is out to scam you by offering something on the internet. Nor do I believe the best way to acquire knowledge is to hunt it down all by yourself. I have been taught many things by many people some of whom were paid and many of whom just wanted to help out another human being by sharing. Truthfully I can't say that I've never been "taken" but for the most part I've found that most people will take the time to help their fellow men/women. For instance your advice on the book was helpful and free but I bet the author received some compensation for sharing his knowledge through the printed word and I would guess that his information would be beneficial even though I paid for it by buying his book. Sorry for the lecture but your post came accross as a little too cynical. :)
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  2. Where can I get my free copy?
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  4. terrytips???

    I normally never read anything that has somebody smiling on the first page....

    QQQ 100% on your money...what a load of bs.
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