Safe nuclear does exist, and China is leading the way with thorium

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  1. The earth’s crust holds 80 years of uranium at expected usage rates, he said. Thorium is as common as lead. America has buried tons as a by-product of rare earth metals mining. Norway has so much that Oslo is planning a post-oil era where thorium might drive the country’s next great phase of wealth. Even Britain has seams in Wales and in the granite cliffs of Cornwall. Almost all the mineral is usable as fuel, compared to 0.7pc of uranium. There is enough to power civilization for thousands of years.
  2. Adamk


    China and Russia have decided to become next United States

    Except without wars and debt.

    They refused Rothschild type debt banking with Private Central Banks such as FED and Bank of England. And they refuse military takeover of the world.

    So basically they will leave America and Jewish bankers in dust of history.

    We might not live to see this happen but 100 years from now China and Russia will be considered the great ones and US will be forgotten as a third world country, destitute financially, destroyed culturally by influx of my kind Latinos :cool:
  3. It took only 20 years for Russia to go from a collapsed superpower to the 6th largest economy in the world. Dont forget to take into the account that Russia only has half the people today that it had in 1990. (it had 286.7 million people in 1990 and today only has 138 million)

    Except for oil, the US can pretty much self sustain. If we ever did have to self sustain, you can be sure we would quickly invent vehicles that didnt need to run on oil and were efficient.
  4. Reduce electricity consumption by 50%. Do not think of anything else.