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  1. which would u choose?

    Police/the forces/HGV driver/or a trade? eg a sparky/plumber etc..
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    The appeal of trades is that you can run your own business, which of course comes with a whole set of pluses and minuses.

    One plus is, there are so many exceedingly flaky people in the trades, that if you show up on time, brush your teeth, answer people's questions with even a modicum of politeness, and deal promptly and honestly with people, you will be way out in front of your competition.

    A minus is that there are bad customers. But you only have to serve them once.
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    excellent observation: you should serve as a director on "the board of trades" ...if there is such a thing. i am not being sarcastic...your post was well stated.
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    i think skilled tradesman are a dying species. you might have to go to the zoo if you really want to see one.

    competition from non-union guys will continue to hurt 'em.
  5. I think there are a lot of people who come into the idea of trading or pay lip service to self-employment and think its like akin to a government job - a self annointment, an effortless ritual that they create for themselves everyday. In an ideal world, it would be easier than showing up for a government job. The reality is much different. The reality of self-employment is often much more disfunctional and frustrating for a number of reasons, many of which are not in immediate control if you didn't realize them or think about them before putting yourself in the predicament of trading / self-employment.

    With early efforts you could suffer from any number of ailments that will damage you and your business aspirations-

    -customers who complain and change their mind, slowing you down, cancelling large orders which damage your ability to create consistent returns and "low volatility"

    -learning and business processes that are much more time intense and frustrating than the original innovation would have suggested

    -a liquidity / cashflow crunch damaging your ability to sustain a wage, grow your business when required, or simply to survive slow or idle periods that the business environment dictates.

    -health and stress issues that you have never experienced before but will show themselves when you encounter a situation that is much more dynamic and complex than anything you have experienced in an educational /training environment or in the normal workforce...

    That said, I think mating the idea of a safe job with trading aspirations might be healthier than simply going it alone as a rogue self-employed individual / trader
  6. Become a nurse, you can work three days a week or take night shift or do home care and trade on the side.
  7. Yes, nursing is good in that there's always work. The bad is that there's a reason mom was one, and, like many, did it for several years then got tired of it. As she said, "It's not like you'll ever get promoted to doctor." Although one can, through increased schooling, work up to higher levels (nurse practicioner or anesthetist, which are virtual dr's in their own right) and make some very good money.

    At the basic level, though, there are very few professions where, after a couple of years of school, one can make a decent wage no matter what. Hours can be very flexible, you can take shift work through a registry, etc.

    I know a lot of former nurses, however. The medical device company I used to work for had plenty now working as trainers, specialists, etc. I can only surmise that there was a reason they left the profession to work in the corporate world. Takes a certain kind of person to do it for years and years.
  8. Most common reason I got the business? I answered the phone. Seems elementary but people would tell me, "you're the only one who answered the phone or called me back ( I had a real live person say "hello, I can take a message" if I wasn't available).
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    Hmmm...Some good observations here. However, all things considered, I highly recommend winning the lottery.
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