Safe Investment?

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  1. I think there is no such thing as a safe investment.
    Gold is subject to confiscation from time to time.
    Real estate in a good area will deteriorate.
    Coca Cola sells less and less Cola in developed markets since 2006.
    Traditional cigarettes give way to electronic cigarettes.
    The rules of the game are changed in the middle of the game.
    There really is nothing you can just put there and sleep soundly at night. NOTHING.
  2. How about a healthy diet. Never heard of anyone going broke on that.
  3. Pesticides in fruits/vegs, unless you're sure you bought certified organic.
  4. You could plant some black walnut trees in your back yard and wait thirty years.
  5. Buy EUR/CHF at 1.2126,
    stoploss at 1.1920 (so below the 1.200 SNB peg), target above 1.232
  6. Organic food is allowed to use around 50 pesticides.

    They are less strong, but still strong enough. Enough to kill the bugs. There is no food possible for commercialisation without pesticides.
  7. There is one safe investment out there. Actually, it is the SAFEST investment of all. It is an investment product, but the power comes from an investment technique behind it that involves combining three related but different sub-investment techniques into one to print money at will. Kind of like what Ben Bernake does for America, but only that you do it for your own account.

    But, I'm not about to disclose it on a third rate public forum. It cost me a million dollars to find out.
  8. Still pillow is safer