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Discussion in 'Economics' started by Daal, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Daal


    Hi I would like to know what type of instruments or investments are considered low to medium risk.
    I'm planning to invest part of my funds and trade the rest. But I'm also trying to avoid T-Bills and CDs because the return is so low, does anyone know what would be a a investment one notch above it. I can handle losing months and I'm aiming for at about 10% a year
  2. Dont want to sound negative but this is going to sound negative. If you need others to find out for you something as simple as what is low risk and what is medium risk, i dont think you should be trading, as I guarantee you will blow up your account. Here is what i suggest. Take a few thousand dollars and buy lots of books on trading, psychology of trading, theories on trading(or go to the library and read them for free), take trading classes, go to those free seminars where they try to sell you something but NEVER buy their product as you can pretty much figure out for yourself what their programs are doing if you try) and talk to successful traders.

    You need to go into trading like a business and should have a business plan. Just like 90% of all small business fail, probably about the same amount of traders fail too.

    Ever see that reality TV show i think its called the restaurant about a very talented chef named rocco. He got all the advertisment from the show, had the busiest restaurant in New York, packed full every day and the guy was losing money, if i remember right, about 100k a month or some outrageous number. Why was that? Because he just thought he could open a restaurant and if the food was good he could make money, but he had no kind of business plan and no money management skills. 2 things you desperately need in business and trading. I dont want to burst your bubble but its better that you find out now then find out by blowing up your account 3 or 4 times and losing who knows how much money. Good luck man
  3. Not everyone is as smart as you....

    DAAL: Send me a PM, i will help you out!
    (In the PM, tell me everything you want, how much you want to invest, willing to invest, able to put money in monthly, semi, or P.A.