Safe Haven, in case of "Run on the Bank"?

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  1. Which are the safer banks, worldwide in case of a "Run on the Banks" scenario?
  2. Or alternatively, what's the best thing to do with money these days? maybe divide it between several brokers and invest it in a quite diversified manner?
    What do people do with their 401k's?
  3. I believe that every dollar,euro on deposit in a swiss bank is backed by gold
  4. I don't think that's true any longer. Maybe 1995 or so (I may be wrong).

  5. I would have said a solid private Swiss bank, cash in CHF and 10% in physical Gold. But who dares to say how "solid" the UBSs of today are?
  6. amylase


    Best way is to spread assets over in many different countries...

    UK+ europe Hong kong + japan + aussie
  7. geeeeez, this looks baaaad, if the above experienced posters the likes of Don don't have a solution to offer...!
    I like the Bank's diversification idea but, being a trader could not possibly bring myself round to buy the at the Top of the chart, although it may still have legs.
    What other suggestions? How about ETF's with different brokers? which brokers(damn, a few days ago we would have said Bear's...)?
  8. I like this idea but, sell Dollars when it's at the bottom of the chart? can't do it!


  9. Don,

    where I can find out more ?

    Any way, swiss banks are way more conservative than US banks ?!
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