Safe Areas in Chicago?

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  1. Trying to figure out the layout of Chicago with regard to personal safety. I read that southside is bad. But looking at this map there are really no good areas. The map shows mainly sex offenders - this is the best proxy for neighborhood crappiness I could find.

    Is it correct that North and East of I-90 are "good" while West and South of I-90 are "bad"? But one must go more North than shown on the map to really live in safety?

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    A lot of ET'ers live in Chicago....hmm.
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    A friend of mine told me that you could get sodomized if you went to a white sox game.

    course, he's a cubs fan
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    Tell your friend that Wrigley Field is practically in Boystown.
  5. the data on the map needs to be normalized by population density.
  6. Drove through Chicago many, many times when I lived a not-so-great place of South Bend, Indiana. I have aptly nicknamed Chicago to be "Shitcago". Call it a personal bias, but I can't stand that entire place. It's really gone downhill.
  7. as far as the crime goes, how does Chicago compare to Bronx or Washington DC?
  8. So you've never been to the world's largest gay bar, known as Wrigley Field? Cool Story.

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    This is a thread I started when I came to Chicago last year. I had some good advice. I ended up living downtown on Chestnut and Wabash. It was a nice place to live ( and one of the most expensive ). If I go again I will perhaps try to find something closer to Lincoln Park.

    I went to South side and West Side and some places were sketchy for sure, but like in every big city, crime can happen everywhere.There were some crackheads everyday at The Mc Donalds/train station on Chicago and State that were really aggressive.Then they put policemen there everyday, and everybody disappeared. Chicago is not the safest place I have seen, but not the worst.
  10. Thats true. Longview, Texas is definitely worse than Chicago.
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