Sadly you will never here about this on the major news networks

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  2. This happened to my step-son but they picked on the wrong guy and he sent two of them to the These types of cowards always pick someone weaker, but they made a bad mistake in my sons case.
  3. So sad and scarey. It is more safe to ride the bike to school.
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    That is the picture of the politics in the USA... the blacks are the Democrats, the White kid is the Republicans, the Bus is the ... you get it... Every one of the perps should get a visit from the leg breakers, maybe their parents too...

    That story is front page on Drudge.. don't buy any Liberal rags, boycott them, if they ever do print something worth reading it will show up on Drudge anyhow... Liberal rags are on the economic ropes, if we boycott them maybe we can shove them off the back edge of the world... boycott the advertisers too.... I thought of USA Today as not being a Liberal Rag but I noticed that they reported the crowd in Washington last week as "thousands", it was arguably way over a million, so I'm boycotting that shit along with the rest of the trash, they shouldn't cut down trees to print Liberal Rags.....

    BTW, a year or two ago I renamed the Democratic Party platform to "Get the Jews and White's Money"... it still works for me, it's all I need to know about Democrats outside of the Rules for Radicals book....
  5. you have to be careful because they might pull out a gun
  6. You expect the "major news networks" to carry a story about a fight on a school bus? This is of national import to you? Fighting is reprehensible, but if every beating and fight were reported by the "major news media," especially those among teenagers, then that stuff would entirely crowd out real news. This is the stuff of local "news" coverage. Perhaps that's why you found it in Saint Louis Today?

    Meanwhile, guys like Eight, of whom there are many, are quick to get their trusty soap boxes out and blow whatever suits them out of proportion. Al Sharpton has nothing on you guys.
  7. didn't they make a movie about this years ago?

    Charlton Heston?

    And what are you going to believe, your eyes or what they tell you is true?
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    You don't want to send your kids to public school in a major urban center. No way.

    And soon, our health care will be the same way. :p
  9. Indeed. I hear that doctors are gearing up by taking combat jujitsu lessons.
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    Your implication that this story is not worthy of national news coverage is correct. It's a school bus fight carried out by a bully, nothing more. However, the people in this thread that are on their soapbox have a valid point, if this exact same scenario had played out but the race of the participants were reversed, a white student beating a black student with white students cheering it on, it probably would get national coverage.

    This video has gone viral on the internet, giving it defacto national coverage anyway. The outrage expressed over a lack of coverage by CNN et al should be reduced to slight annoyance.
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