Saddam's "Oval Office" tapes reveal extensive nuke program

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  1. Funny thing. The political left will carry the battle cry of "3 Mile Island" into their graves. Now Saddam is caught red-handed talking about nuking Washington D.C. - and, according to them, there's no nuclear problem in this area.

    The anti-nuke left isn't protesting that thug leading Iran. They protest our *power plants* but not their *bombs*.
  2. The NY Times and CBS didn't report it.

    Can't be true.
  3. Another attempt to justify the lies... come on guys get a life. If you believed SaddamN's lies then shame on you.

    What a shameful propaganda to justify a war that has taken thousands of lives and rendered tens of thousands disabled for life :mad: :mad:
  4. You probably think it would be OK if Hitler were still in power.
  5. Funny bit of sarcasm.
  6. Ricter


    Sorry guys, there's no case there. Motive, but no method, no opportunity.

    Hell, I have the motive too.
  7. It gives those dumbya apologists an excuse to try to defend a BIG LIE.
  8. Saddam mentions his "plasma uranium" project in private discussions that he believed would never be revealed.

    Yes, thousands have been killed in Iraq. Saddam also discusses nuking Washington D.C. What is your estimate for casualties in a nuclear attack on our nation's capitol?
  9. actually i just saw a headline on fox... THIS JUST IN !!!!!!!! fox is saying the person on the tapes is actually milli vanilli.. who'd a thunk?????????????
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